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Australian Cattle 9P27D-22
Australian Cattle 9P27D-22.JPG
Calves 9B48D-11
Calves 9B48D-11.JPG
Cattle mustering in Australia 9P007D-26
Cow 9P27D-27
Cow 9P27D-27.JPG
Cow 9P27D-29
Cow 9P27D-29.JPG
Cow and Calf 8W53D-03
Cow and Calf 8W53D-03.JPG
Cow and Calf 9P022D-160
Cow and Calf 9P022D-160.JPG
Cow and Calf 9P27D-28
Cow and Calf 9P27D-28.JPG
Cow and Hume Castle 9R044D-02
Cows and Calves 8W53D-04
Cows and Calves 8W53D-04.JPG
Galloway Cow & Calf 9A29D-12
Highland Cattle 9T076D-003
Highland Cattle 9T076D-003.JPG
Highland Cattle 9T076D-012
Highland Cattle 9T076D-012.JPG
Highland Cattle 9Y316D-017
Highland Cattle 9Y316D-017.JPG
Highland Cattle 9Y316D-030
Highland Cattle 9Y316D-030.JPG
Highland Cattle 9Y316D-055
Highland Cattle 9Y316D-055.JPG
Highland Cattle near Loch Leven 9T076D-005
Highland Cattle near Loch Leven 9T076D-010
Highland Cow 9R007D-009
Highland Cow 9R007D-009.JPG
Highland Cow 9Y316D-053
Highland Cow 9Y316D-053.JPG
Highland Cow 9Y345D-041
Highland Cow 9Y345D-041.JPG
Highland Cow and calf 9Y316D-016
Highland Cow and calf 9Y316D-045
Highland Cow with calf 9Y316D-048
The Cow and the Great Egret 9Y527D-008

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