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Australian Kelpie with sheep 9P21D-331
Lambs 8T014D-06
Lambs 8T014D-06.JPG
Lambs 8T25D-22
Lambs 8T25D-22.JPG
Lambs 9R12D-12
Lambs 9R12D-12.JPG
Lambs 9Y315D-004
Lambs 9Y315D-004.JPG
Pheasant and Lamb 8T25D-24
Pheasant and Lamb 8T25D-24.JPG
Sheep 8P058D-05
Sheep 8P058D-05.JPG
Sheep 8P059D-04
Sheep 8P059D-04.JPG
Sheep 8R17D-12
Sheep 8R17D-12.JPG
Sheep 9R12D-19
Sheep 9R12D-19.JPG
Sheep 9R12D-35
Sheep 9R12D-35.JPG
Sheep and lamb 9Y127D-040
Sheep and lamb 9Y127D-040.JPG
Sheep and lambs 8R87D-14
Sheep and lambs 8R87D-14.JPG
Sheep and lambs 8T54D-04
Sheep and lambs 8T54D-04.JPG
Sheep and lambs 8T54D-10
Sheep and lambs 8T54D-10.JPG
Sheep and lambs 9R12D-26
Sheep and lambs 9R12D-26.JPG
Sheep and Pheasant 9R039D-07
Sheep and Pheasant 9R039D-08
Sheep in Glen Lyon 9Y074D-008

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