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These unique mouse mats / pads make excellent gifts for all ages, occasions and seasons.
They also look great as a table centre piece.

Here you will find Mouse Pads and Mouse Mats to suit all tastes, photos of just about everything you can imagine and more designs added regularly.

There are over 1,000 designs, comprising photos of birds, horses, sheep, goats, cats, wild animals, reptiles, insects, flowers, scenery, bridges, buildings, steam locomotives and well over 100 breeds of dogs. Designs added within the last 30 days are marked as new

The designs are all done by me, from photos I have taken, so it’s my chance to do a bit of showing off too, as well as letting you see the Mouse mat / pad designs available.

Why Mats / Pads? Well, they are known as Mousemats and Mousepads in various parts of the world, and as this is an international site I thought it best to mention both names.

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